BioTEPP announces the appointment of Sylvie Richard, Agr., as President and CEO

BioTEPP announces the appointment of Sylvie Richard, Agr, as President and CEO

BioTEPP, an innovative biotechnology company that producesan effective biopesticide for apple trees and other fruit trees like pear, plum or peach trees,announced today the appointment of agronomist Sylvie Richard,  as President and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Richard succeeds Claude Gagnon, who will now assume the role of the company’s Chairman of the Board. These appointments are effective immediately.

Ms. Richard’s mandate, together with the team in place, is to ensure BioTEPP’s ambitious development plan. Already present in the states of Washington and Oregon, where 90% of its production is exported, BioTEPP is actively working to expand its market to California, the Eastern US and Latin America. The company is currently pursuing research and development work to create new products to combat crop pests.

With 25 years of experience as a multidisciplinary agronomist, Ms. Richard has an in-depth knowledge of the various issues in the agri-food sector, which led to her being called upon to coordinate several technical, political, regulatory, corporate and research and development projects.

“Ms. Richard has all the assets to carry out BioTEPP’s development plan,” said Mr. Gagnon. “Recognized for her dynamism and planning skills, she brings a wealth of experience that the entire BioTEPP team will benefit from. As for me, I am proud of the work that I accomplished over the past four years; BioTEPP is founded on an excellent base from which to grow and its future looks bright. ”

“I am proud and especially honored to be able to join the BioTEPP team,” said Ms. Richard. “The company offers agricultural producers innovative solutions that allows them to better protect their crops, while offering consumers healthy products. It can also rely on a dedicated team and a product that has proven itself in a highly competitive market. Great opportunities are open to us.”